Top 10 Best medical colleges In World 2022 

1. Harvard University is considered the best for medical studies.

2. University of Oxford ranks second among the best universities in the world.

3.  Medical students of Stanford University are considered kings in the world of child health care.

4. University of Cambridge Medical students at the University of Cambridge can complete their studies rigorously as well as work on a specific project at this university.

5. Johns Hopkins University Along with the medical studies in the university, this university also believes in learning.

6. University of California It can provide education through community participation, and the MD offers a program of postdoctoral undergraduate and residency study,

7. Yale University Medical students at this university primarily focus on improving health New Researches projects and discovering new forms of medicine through scientific discovery

8. UCL (University College London) This university gets its researchers working on many new projects which work with the best medical colleges around the world.

9. Imperial College London The world-renowned award is also given in recognition of the work and services of women in the field of medicine at Imperial College London.

10. (MIT) Massachusetts Institute of Technology  This university works closely with Harvard University.